Fishing and regulations


Fishing regulations

  • You must have (2) license , the Quebec fishing license and the authorization to fish from the Baskatong reservoir.

  • The use of leech as bait is strongly discouraged . Several vacationers take advantage of the magnificent beaches of Baskatong. The presence of leeches in the water would cause inconvenience for swimmers and reduce the quality of the site for generations to come. Possession and fishing with live baitfish is prohibited for the winter and dead or alive prohibited for the summer; specify as bait fish is considered any fish, mollusk, crustacean (e.g. shrimp, crayfish), marine animal and even part of these animals (eggs, milt, spawning, larvae) which are intended to be used as bait for peach.

  • To avoid the risk of contamination of the reservoir and the surrounding lakes , here are some tips for washing your boat; Empty the bilge water and the livewell away from the body of water; Remove residues (mud, plants, fish, bait) and throw them away from the body of water; Clean trailer, boat and other equipment well; Repeat the operation each time. For more info, visit "Don't drag your bugs ..."

Fishing is closed for all species from April 1 to the third Friday in May & October 16 to December 20.

Who can fish under my authorization to fish:

You and your spouse and all children under the age of 18, as well as those aged 18 to 24 with a student card must fish under the supervision of a holder

Who can fish under my Quebec fishing license:

You and your spouse, your children under 18, as well as those aged 18 to 24 with a student card can fish under your supervision or be in possession of your fishing license. Anyone under the age of 18, as well as those aged 18 to 24 with a student card, must fish at all times under your supervision or that of your spouse.

* Remember if you share a Quebec fishing license you are only entitled to one possession limit / per day.

Size limit for catching walleye


A size limit is applicable throughout the territory of the AFC. It is forbidden to take and keep or have in one's possession a walleye less than 37cm or more than 53cm in length . The measurement of fish should be done from the tip of the nose to the tip of the tail.


How to cut walleye according to regulatory standards

Authorization to fish 2020


In the case of joint authorization, the spouse is the person who lives in a conjugal relationship with the holder of the authorization and who has lived at the same address for more than a year.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

You can get your AUTHORIZATION to fish on the Baskatong online or in most outfitters and campgrounds in the Baskatong Reservoir, as well as at tourist offices and shops in
sport in the region (see the list of Points Of Sale) .

Study of walleye populations


Before 2004, the walleye situation was known through a system of mandatory catch declaration by fishermen. Today it is possible to fill in your fisherman's log. Contact us (819 438-1177) to get yours or consult your outfitter for more information.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

In 2017/2018, there was a census including an aircraft overflight as well as a count of the catches. The objective is to allow a precise assessment of the walleye herd and the fishing pressure on the water body. We are in our fourth census since 2004. We thank all the fishermen for their patience and understanding during the studies.

Experimental fisheries were also made allowing us to carry out more reliable studies.

This method gives us the full picture of overexploitation and the quality of the fish reserve, in order to ensure adequate management of fishing and stocking carried out by AFC of the Baskatong reservoir. Following the 2012/2013 census, we concluded that the health of the herd was in good health. Therefore, we stopped seeding on April 1, 2017.


Surveillance and infringements

At all times , wildlife protection assistants patrol the entire body of water to ensure compliance with regulations. These wildlife protection assistants are authorized to issue statements of offense if necessary.


-The non-possession of the authorization to fish and / or the Quebec fishing license ;

-The transport of fish in non-identifiable / non-countable / non-measurable nets (walleye and lake trout);

-Non-compliance with the size limit for walleye (37cm-53cm) and lake trout (55cm and more);

-The non-respect of the quantity of the number of fish for all species combined;

- Possession and fishing with live baitfish are prohibited for the winter and dead or alive are prohibited in the summer;

-Fishing with more than one line in summer and more than five lines in winter;

-Fishing during prohibited times and in fishing sanctuaries during closed periods.


PLEASE NOTE: violations of the law on fisheries and wildlife development are subject to various fines depending on the violation.