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Do you want to send us your fishing data so that they can be counted? To be part of a group of 300 fishermen who work for a common goal, namely the understanding of the Baskatong reservoir. Migration, the constitution of forage fish, reproduction, this is the importance of data for the AFC, the ministry and for wildlife species.

To get it for free , nothing could be simpler.

Just call us: 819 438-1177 or email us via ( see below)

In order to send us your personal details to hand over your notebook to you, via your campsite, via our office or by post. We will move without problem while taking the time to explain!

You are free to end it or continue afterwards, who knows for a second year!

Thank you ! Message sent.

Print the catch declaration sheet now! Complete it and drop it off at your reception desk or at our offices.

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