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Baskatong reservoir community wildlife area

SINCE 1998

The best of fishing is here

Since that time, the AFC has been involved, in collaboration with the community, in ensuring the sustainability of the fishery resource: in ensuring that current and future generations can take advantage of the enormous potential for which the reservoir is famous. Baskatong, respecting the production capacity of nature.

Seeding was one of our important activities. We are extremely proud of the health of the plan's herds and of the results obtained since 1998. This is why we ended the stocking activities in the summer of 2016.

Monitoring of the water body, the promulgation of fishing sanctuaries, the protection of breeding sites are other examples of achievements which, although less spectacular than stocking, are nonetheless important.

Our walleye interpretation center allows the general public to fall in love with walleye by following it from egg to hook, while learning the little things that help maintain a healthy walleye population and quality fishing.

The AFC of the Baskatong Reservoir, in collaboration with the MFFP (Ministry of Forests, Wildlife and Parks) has so far carried out four fishing analyzes periodically (2003/2004, 2007/2008, 2012/2013 and 2017/2018 ) allowing us to monitor the situation of walleye on AFC territory in order to be able to manage the resource with precise data to maintain good fishing quality in our waters.

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