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The interpretation center

Sport fishing of the Baskatong reservoir inc., Manager of the AFC, is proud to invite you to visit its walleye interpretation center.

A fun visit through six thematic sections that will help enrich your knowledge of one of our most beautiful living treasures. You will discover the beauty and the grandeur of the Baskatong reservoir as well as the mission and actions of the corporation which manages this magnificent territory.









See Walleye as you've never seen it
From egg to hook ... witness its birth in natural and artificial environments. Follow him throughout his life through the threats and pitfalls that come his way. See who his allies are and what actions are being taken to preserve the species.

  • What is a Community Wildlife Area?

  • How was the reservoir formed and its history?

  • How large is the watershed?

  • How do we intervene to protect the populations of Dorés and their environment?

  • What does Doré's tagging consist of?

  • The history of the village under water!

  • What can be done to maintain and ensure quality fishing?

  • What is a fish farm and how did it work?

  • Tips and tricks for successful fishing.

Discover all this and more through this multifaceted exhibition

Video, Photos, illustrations, maps, models and real objects.
Observation of live fish.

The Interpretation Center is a place of information and awareness

It also touches on other aspects of AFC management of the Baskatong reservoir, the reservoir, the fishing that is practiced there and various notions on the biology of Walleye.


Ask for visits (see the information tab on the center)

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